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Where Does the "99" Come From?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

What in the world is a "99"... And who invented it????

When you come visit us in Ireland, you will HAVE to taste this delicious vanilla ice cream with a chocolate flake stuck on its side....

"Ah, sure, lads.... Do you want a 99?"

So you may ask....

What in the world is a "99"????

No one seems to know for sure where this creamy delight comes from, but rumors have it that it was invented in the UK in the 1950s by Italian immigrants who wanted to pay tribute to one of their favorite kings who was always surrounding himself with 99 bodyguards.


In 2011, The Guardian asked its readers for their take on the origin of the "99". Here are some of my favorite replies:

Because in the good old days, they used to be 99p. Philippa, Ferris, England

Because in roman numerals 99 is IC - Ice Cream Maybe not true but I like it. Trevor Ball, Bolton, UK

99s are so called because the smaller than normal flake should be 99millimetres long. Drew, Dover, England

I was always told it was because the ice cream came out of the machine in a swirl and the swirl started in the centre of the cone and was formed with a twist in the shape of 9. the original cones also came in twos and the formation was therefore 99. Jeremy Harris, Hong Kong Hong Kong

What about you? Where do you think the term "99" comes from?????

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