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Free, Fun, and Friendly Community Event!

What a great way to start our weekend!

This morning, we ran/walked 5k in Tullow Park with our friends and family! Along the way, we interacted with deers, geese and birds, we had a few laughs with the volunteers organising the event, and we pretended that it was so easy, we could run this in our sleep! 😅 🤗💪

If you are looking for a free fun family event, come to Rathwood any Saturday at 9:30am and enjoy our local community!

Based on this photo, there is still room for improvement!
Tullow Parkrun

We ended our fun walk at the Rathwood Garden Centre Café, and enjoyed each other's company around a delicious breakfast!

Next time you come to Mon Petit Cottage, meet the local community and enjoy being healthy!



Rathwood Rath, Rath, Tullow, Carlow.





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