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Welcome to Hook Lighthouse!!!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Located 40 minutes from Mon Petit Cottage, Hook Lighthouse is the oldest intact operational lighthouse in the world!

A little bit of History:

Built in the 13th century, the four stories Tower of Hook is a perfect example of medieval architecture in Ireland.

When climbing the 115 steps to the top, you will jump back in time and immerse yourselves into the lives of these brave lighthouse keepers who guided the sailors and conquered the giant waves day after day, night after night.

So much more than a Lighthouse!

We parked along the rugged coastline. The clouds were thick, the fierce winds were pushing us down, and the waves came crashing onto the rocks, as if nature was exhibiting its dominance over humanity. Seals were staring at us from afar; we were intruding their territory; we knew that we were clearly smaller than this natural element, full of beauty and strength.

We had arrived.....

We were breathing deeply, skipping and running from rock to rock, observing the shells and looking for crabs, while also spreading our arms and screaming:

I am the King of the World!!!!

Hook Tour was standing strong and tall behind us; we felt protected by the lighthouse keepers of the past and guarded by the timeless warriors of Ireland.

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