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Welcome to Ballycadden Wind Farm

13 minutes from Mon Petit Cottage

Have you ever visited a wind park, or stood under an active turbine?

Ballycadden wind farm is located 8 kilometers from Mon Petit Cottage and is open to the public (pedestrians only).

As we were approaching the parking lot, we could feel the force of nature hovering around us, with winds blowing against our car, and with clouds dancing above our heads.

Among the scenery, 9 turbines were standing high and strong. They were equipped with massive blades that could peak through the sky, while also transforming wind into electricity. These metallic monsters, implanted into the wilderness, were somehow melting into the landscape, creating an extra-ordinary setting, born from a union between nature and technology.

As we were standing under these 126-meter-high wind towers, the animals kept enjoying their day, the winter flowers were proudly displaying their bright colors, and time stood still, at least for a moment.

Next time you come to Mon Petit Cottage, don't forget to visit this out-of-ordinary farm, gracefully caught between a natural park and a wind technology center.

P.S: This blog does not stand for or against wind turbines, but it solely shares the emotions that the scenery provides.


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