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🍷 The French are Growing Wine in Gorey! 🇫🇷

(20 minutes from Mon Petit Cottage)

Fernandel may have sang that orange trees could never grow in Ireland, but who knew that grapes could?

Arnaud Clopin is a French citizen who moved to Gorey many years ago to grow wine. Today, anyone can visit his winery and enjoy his wine!

Next time you come to Mon Petit Cottage, do not forget to visit him in Gorey and perhaps participate in one of his tasting events!


Allez viens boire un p'tit coup à la maison,

Y'a du blanc, y'a du rouge, du saucisson,

Et Gillou avec son p'tit accordéon,

Vive les bouteilles et les copains et les chansons…

Merci, Arnaud!

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