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Is Irish Bread better than the Traditional French Baguette?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

As a French citizen, I tend to take bread 🥖, cheese 🧀 and wine 🍷 quite seriously.

Did you know that you can live in France for one full year and NEVER eat the same cheese, nor drink the same wine twice?

However, I have to admit that the Irish are excellent bakers, and they could even compete with the French!

Here, in Bunclody, you can eat different types of bread every day, based on your mood and on the time of the day!

🍞 Here are a few examples 🥪

- The Irish soda bread with baking soda and buttermilk;

- The wheaten bread, baked on a hot cast-iron griddle over an open peat fire;

- The fruit soda bread with raisins, walnuts or cherries;

- The potato farls with oatmeal... and potatoes!

- The Waterford blaa bun covered with white flour;

- The batch Loaf with no crust on its side but with a dark crust on top;

- The barmbrack bread, with raisins and sweet dough;

- The Irish scone, which comes quite close from the English scone... only better! 🤓

- And of course..... the French stick (AKA: "the baguette"!!!)

When you come to Mon Petit Cottage, you will get to taste all these Irish breads from SuperValu O'Reilly's of Bunclody.... (my very favorite store in town!)

Each morning, one of the bakers will craft a special loaf for you, so you can get a little taste of Ireland, first thing in the morning!

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