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I ♥️ Wexford!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

OK, I may have borrowed the "I ♥️ NY" slogan but after 20 years spent in the city that never sleeps, I will forever keep a few side effects....

Today, we visited Wexford.... and all I could say was:


In Ireland, Wexford is recognized by the phrase:


SO OLD.....

Wexford town (or Loch Garman in Gaelic) has its origins in early Celtic legend.

It was Christianized by St. Ibar and was established as a Viking Settlement in the 9th Century.

Then, the Normans took over in 1169, before the arrival of King John (England), in 1210.

Since then, Wexford witnessed major rebellions against the English Crown, causing the destruction of the Irish Royalist city of Wexford by Cromwell and his New Model Army in 1649.

SO NEW....

Today, Wexford is home to a world-renowned opera house, a new marina, and the town attracts thousands of visitors each year.

According to Billy Colfer, from Cork University (2008):

Wexford is a place fit for a King,
Where sea and land meet,
A stronghold after the idols were cast out,
Whose History was happily heard...."

Come to Mon Petit Cottage and enjoy Wexford and its region!💕

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