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Bunclody has its own golf course!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Located 5 minutes walking distance from Mon Petit Cottage

Today, we walked to Bunclody's Golf ⛳️ and Fishing Club 🎣 !

YES..... Bunclody has its own golf course!

Whether you are a golfer, a fisherman, or (just like me) you simply enjoy relaxing over a cup of tea.... You will love visiting Bunclody's Golf and Fishing Club!

Our Story

We turned left from our driveway and walked towards the town. The sun was warm, the air was fresh....

The promenade to the golf course is an experience in itself. It is bordered by old trees marked with a knife by young lovers, it flanks the river and offers magnificent views on the Slaney bridge dated 1770, and it adjoints an open pasture, filled with cows and sheep enjoying their day.

Along the way, we met new moms pushing baby strollers, best friends appreciating each other's company, joggers running on their favorite music, and golfers crossing the road on foot or in buggies.

How could a morning be more perfect? We arrived at the golf course, we walked to the café, we sat on the terrasse, and we chatted our morning away...

If you are a Golfer,

You will love Bunclody Golf Course....

The golf course opened its doors in 2009 and expands on 30 acres (12.1 hectares) of beautiful grounds bordering the Slaney river.

It was voted as the "Best hidden Gem in Ireland" for its breathtaking views, its challenging course, its sophisticated bar and restaurant, and for its world-renowned elevator that connects its 17th tee box, to the 18th.

We walked back home with tons of stories to tell, memories to cherish, images to share, and a blog to write.💕

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