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Altamont Gardens in the Fall

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

15 Minutes from Mon Petit Cottage

Poets love to write about autumn, for the season personifies melancholy, beauty and nostalgia.

To celebrate the season, we visited a historical site known throughout Ireland as a Jewel of Horticulture. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted by the trees flashing their tones of warm colors, and we felt welcome by the angel statues smiling cheerfully down at us.

A little bit of History

"Altamont Gardens" was first built in the 16th Century on a site of a convent.

In the 18th Century, The Marquis of Sligo named the mansion after his eldest son, Lord Altamont, he endeavored to import trees from around the globe, and he transformed his estate into a wild garden.

Then, in the 19th Century, 100 men were employed to dig out a lake behind the family home as part of an incentive programme to recover from the Great Famine; and stairs were built to create an environment of peace, safety and serenity.

As we were marveling the clear blue sky clashing with the vibrant colors of the element, we noticed a temple in the middle of the field. We sat to enjoy the moment, we strolled down the Nun's Walk bordered by roses and statues, and we ended our promenade in the courtyard, where the smell of warm cookies called our attention.....

(Thank you, Paul for helping me type this blog while I am waiting for my operation)

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