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A Tour of Mount Leinster

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Today, we went on a hike!

10:30am Honey, I will grab a backpack with a little snack, OK?

10:45am We exited our driveway and turned right. The wide road became narrow; the air was fresh; we were walking up the mountain.

11:30amWhat a site!

The flowers were blooming, the houses all around us were very well kept, and the mountain was full of colors.

12:30pm Soon enough, the houses became farms, the people were replaced by cows and sheep, and the air was becoming colder.

1:00pmDo you want a sandwich? a second one? Do you want an apple? Are you thirsty?

We were still climbing!

2:00pmWhat an amazing moment.... Here we were, hiking through our 10th mile with nature and pure beauty all around us

Everything is so quiet. I can hear a stream!

The Clody river was dancing through the rocks to find its way into the Slaney.

3:00pmIt was now time to walk back to Bunclody! my legs were starting to give in!

4:00pmAfter 5 hours of pure nature, we are back home, exhausted but happy.

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