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A Day at the Kennedy's!

45 minutes from Mon Petit Cottage

It is well known that John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was America's first (and only to-date) Irish-Catholic President, but did you know that JFK's great-grandparents had emigrated from Wexford County to Boston on a famine ship in 1849?

Today, we visited the Kennedy's Homestead in New Ross, birthplace of President John F. Kennedy's great-grandfather, Patrick Kennedy.

This quaint little museum, full of charm and modesty, is dedicated to "the Kennedys who went away, and the Kennedys who stayed behind." It focuses on JFK's ancestors and depicts the 35th President of the United States as a kind and hardworking man, rather than a simple political figure.

At the end of our tour, we visited the house leased to protestant owners by the Kennedys, and we sat next to the chimney, where JFK and his cousins shared tea and biscuits in June 1963, just 5 months before his assassination, on 22 November 1963.


After our visit, we drove down to the little fishing village of Duncannon; we sat on the beach in this warm sunny winter day, and we enjoyed the views of the cliffs and the fort of Duncannon, all around us.


If you ever drive to Duncannon, do not miss "Off the Hook," a.k.a the best Fish and Chips in town!

🐟 And don't forget to ask for extra salt and vinegar! 🍟


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