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A Sign to Move Forward

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The journey to move back home to Europe has not been easy. We have been battling Covid, administrative procedures and our own fears, we made difficult financial choices, and here we are, in limbo between a home that will no longer be ours in less that 3 weeks, and a house that will not be built before 2022....

So while our family is going through these ups and downs and we are constantly wondering if this is all worth it, the following quote comes to me as a sign to move forward:

Courage cannot move mountains, but it can show us how to climb, find a way, forge a path that we believe in.
And Emboldened, we stand firm, knowing where we stand, where we are headed, and where we can belong. - "Call the Midwife" Netflix Series 8, Episode 2.

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