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Time for History!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

If you like history, you will love Enniscorthy!

Enniscorthy is located 15 minutes away from Mon Petit Cottage, and just like in Bunclody, the town is naturally divided in two parts by the Slaney river flowing under stone bridges built over the centuries.

We parked downtown and were immediately enchanted by this quaint Irish town full of little cafes and shops. The local butchers, the bakers, the markets and the DIY stores were all around us in these narrow streets full of charm and colors.

As we were walking down Castle Hill, we came across Enniscorthy Castle, built in 1190 by Maud de Quency and occupied by the Normans in 1205.

Then, on Cathedral Street, stood St Aidan's Cathedral, designed by Victorian architect Augustus Welby Pugin in 1843, and built as the largest Irish Cathedral in its time.

But Enniscorthy is above all famous for the Irish Rebellion of 21 June 1798, which was a major uprising against British rule by a republican revolutionary group called "the Society of United Irishmen."

Drawn by the tragic event, we visited the National Rebellion Centre, the The Croppy Boy Statue, and Vinegar Hill where over 15,000 British soldiers launched the attack and killed about 1,500 men, women and children, marking the last attempt by the rebels to defend ground against the British military.

🛍 And if you are not a History buff.... ☕️

Don't worry, you can still enjoy Enniscorthy by strolling the streets, searching for local products, and by sipping a delicious cup of coffee with a warm scone!

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